Make the most out of Spotify

Make the most out of Spotify

Redaction - May, 27th 2020

Since 2006, the Swedish company Spotify has built the strongest position among music streaming services. Millions of songs, podcasts, and videos are a common part of both paid and freely available versions. From experience, however, I recommend the just paid version, which can be divided among family members or friends, which makes it cheaper to know the individual. But it also offers great features like offline music downloads, ad-free listening, and playback quality settings that you won't find in the free version.

So that you can listen to and use all the available features, I've prepared an article for you with tips and tricks on how to make the most of your Spotify experience.

1. Adjust the quality of the music being played

The quality of your music will depend entirely on you. Automatic quality is set by default for everyone, but this restriction can be easily changed. In the settings (upper right corner with gear wheel for mobile devices, arrow in the right corner for PC) you can select the quality from Normal, through High to Very High. In this case, the songs are played at 320 kbps - it is not a lossless format, not even by chance, but with better headphones and for mobile or PC use, it is rich enough for an ordinary listener. This quality is determined separately for online listening and offline downloads.

2. Download songs offline

Did you know that you can download music to your mobile phone or computer and listen even when you don't have an internet connection? The ideal solution is to download to Wi-Fi, but of course it is possible to download even if you are connected to mobile data. Downloaded songs can be set to the final quality in the same range as when used online. You can download individual songs, entire albums and playlists.

3. Spotify without ads

I mentioned above that the unpaid version comes with ads, but this is not entirely true. More precisely, it doesn't have to be. This annoying problem can be solved in part elegantly with the EZBlocker program. It will no longer happen to you that the ads will play among you among the songs, and you will also get rid of advertising banners. The application works by silencing the ads to a minimum, so instead of annoying slogans, there is silence for a few seconds and then the music of your choice starts.

EZBlocker - ad blocking on Spotify for free download

4. Storing music in the library

Your library is a place where you can store music within entire albums as well as individual songs. You can do this through the heart icons that are found next to all songs.

5. Add your own music to Spotify

Are you missing an artist in the app and want to add it to playback? You can do this manually via Settings. Here, just find the Local Files section, allow their use, and then select "Add Source". Then you just choose the location on your computer where your music is stored and add it to your Spotify library. Music inserted in this way is displayed in the library under "Local files". Until recently, on Spotify, for example, there was no Tool band at all, so fans had to use just adding music from a computer.

6. Podcasts

The audio content also includes the mentioned podcasts. These represent the spoken word on a variety of topics. You get the opportunity to see the best comedies, current information from around the world, detailed film analyzes, educational podcasts, music sections from behind the scenes, the best stories, etc.

7. Radio stations

Radio stations on Spotify work on the principle of playing songs from a certain artist or very similar to him. The streaming service will compile a playlist of songs based on your preferences. If you don't want to look for new music, just turn on one of the offered radios and you will probably find what you are looking for. There is nothing stopping you from adding songs to your own playlists.

8. Spotify control via other devices - mobile phone, tablet and PC

All you have to do is play music on your computer, and if you also have internet access on your mobile phone or tablet, you can easily turn them into a remote control. Another condition is to sign in to the same account on the devices you want to use. In this way, it is also possible to save the phone's battery if you play music via another PC or laptop. Playback control can be performed from any device.

9. Creating playlists

Creating your own playlists is intuitive, easy and virtually unlimited. You add songs to them individually in any order. Each playlist can contain a brief description, its own name with numbers or even a cover image. If you do not select your own thumbnail image, the covers of the CD tracks that were added to the list first will be selected. The order of the songs can be easily changed by selecting the song, holding it with the mouse and dragging it up or down. At the top there is information about the number of songs, the total length of the playlist and the author.

There is also a clever sorting of songs by date added, title, length of songs or artists. At the bottom of the playlist below the line are the recommended songs that fit in the style of your playlist in some way.

10. Shared shared playlists

Did you know that you can create a playlist with other Spotify users together? Just right-click on it and mark it as a Common Playlist. In the case of a mobile phone, it is necessary to open the playlist, click on three dots in the upper right part and mark it as a Common playlist. For social events, parties or in the car, you can participate together in the creation of a music folder.

11. Watching artists and playlists

With the "follow" function, you will no longer miss news from your favorite artists. You can also watch playlists that suit you and add them to your library. You should then receive email notifications of new music from your favorite groups.

12. Recover deleted playlists

If you have deleted the playlist and want it back, you can do so via the web version of Spotify - Spotify Web Player. There, just go to your profile / account and find the Refresh playlist item in the left column of the menu.

13. Listening through an Internet browser

You are not allowed to install software on your PC? Never mind, you can listen to your music through the Spotify Web Player, and therefore the web version. Just enter, log in and enjoy without having to install the Spotify desktop application.

14. Advanced Search

Spotify offers in the search window the possibility to search for songs by different artists even by year. Just write: Slipknot year: 2010-2019. To sum it up, like: artist name, year: XXXX without spaces and that's it. Subsequently, all songs and albums of the group from the specified time period are displayed, as well as the players where the songs are located.

15. The home area offers a number of great designs

All your activity is recorded so that Spotify can put together tailor-made playlists for you. Suggestions are ready for you on the app's home screen, such as Discover Weekly, Today's Recommendations, Choosing the best songs from your favorite artists, Fresh News, or Your Decade at a Glance.

16. Sync Spotify with other music services

Have you used other streaming services and are switching to Spotify? No problem, you can take your playlists and libraries with you. All you need is the Soundiiz page, which synchronizes music from Apple Music, Google Play Music, Tidal, Deezer,, YouTube, Amazon Music, VK and others.

17. Anonymous playback

You can listen to music on Spotify without your friends seeing it. All you have to do is select "Start private session and listen anonymously" in the settings, uncheck "Share what I'm listening to in Spotify" and turn off "Show recently played artists."

18. Shared songs at a specific time

You know it. Your favorite part of the song is approaching - guitar solo, felt vocals, interesting pattern behind the drums - and you want to share this moment directly with friends or family. In Spotify, this is possible by right-clicking on the song, selecting Sharing, and then "Copy Spotify URI". If the best part of the song is from 2:25, you simply add it to the sent line to email, Messenger or another social network. Just add '# time2:25' for the link and that's it.