Marvel's Avengers gets an update for PS5 and Xbox Series X

Marvel's Avengers gets an update for PS5 and Xbox Series X

Redaction - June, 23th 2020

Avengers will receive an update when new consoles are released, and gamers will be able to upgrade from Xbox One to Xbox Series X and from PS4 to PS5. Their positions and progress will also be shifted. It will also be crossplatform multiplayer, although only between consoles of the same brand.

On the new consoles, the game will speed up recording, increase resolution, texture details, destroy armor, added raytracing and more. The PS5 will have a choice of improved graphics, or an increased framerate with 60 fps and dynamic resolution. 3D sound and support for haptics response to the Dualsense gamepad will also be incorporated. They will bring more details on Xbox Series X and PC functions later.

The studio confirmed that anyone who buys the current-gen version of the game after the release (it is scheduled for September 4, 2020) will automatically be eligible for the next-gen upgrade completely free of charge. This means that if you buy the Playstation 4 version of the game, you get the Playstation 5 version, and if you buy the Xbox One version, you get the Xbox Series X version. This applies to both physical and digital versions. Of course, there will also be cross-play between consoles from the same manufacturer.

And since the game has a marketing partnership with Sony, they explained to us exactly what possibilities the Playstation 5 version of the game will offer. Playing on this console will take full advantage of the fast SSD as well as the conveniences of the Dualsense controller and sophisticated 3D audio. Playstation 5 gamers will be able to choose between "Enhanced Graphics Mode" with 30FPS and 4K resolution and "High Framerate Mode," which will offer dynamic 4K resolution and 60FPS.

It can be assumed that the Xbox Series X will be the same, just the dynamic resolution will be a bit higher due to the higher performance of the console.