How to install Google Play Store on new Huawei and Honor devices?

How to install Google Play Store on new Huawei and Honor devices?

Redaction - May, 27th 2020

The latest Huawei and Honor phones can no longer have Google applications pre-installed. These are the Huawei Mate 30 Pro, Honor 9X Pro and other models that do not have a Google Play Store in them. At the same time, however, a way appeared to get these applications to your phone. Let me just point out that this is an unofficial, but working, solution.

Because Huawei and Honor phone brands do not provide support for Google Mobile Services (GMS), many people have chosen the alternative of purchasing a new device. There are several ways to download these applications to your mobile phone, but in this article we will focus only on the Google Play Store. Google itself recommends that you do not install such applications from unverified sources, as they have not been reviewed. In addition, they may be unreliable over time and may not be able to be updated.

If you still want the Google Play Store, keep reading. Perform the installation at your own risk and I recommend backing up your files beforehand.

How do I get the Google Play Store on my Huawei / Honor phone?

The first and main step is to get an application called Chat Partner. It is only available as an unofficial edition on this site. After downloading and installing, open the application. Then select the "Detect device" option, which will find your device and a new menu will open. Your mobile device will then be scanned to see if there are any Google applications in it. Select "Repair now" and then "Activate". After these two steps, the Google Play Store will be installed on your device.

In some cases, you must restart the device. If the application doesn't work for the first time, try again. Once everything is in order, you can log in to your account and conveniently download the applications. It will also be a matter of course to update them over time. Importing your chosen applications will then be a breeze. This solution may be available for years, but they can also be removed in a matter of days or months. But for now, everything is fine. I will only repeat that you carry out the procedure at your own risk.