Epic store is giving away the Pathway game for free

Epic store is giving away the Pathway game for free

Redaction - June, 18th 2020

Epic originally had two titles ready today, Pathway and Escapists 2, but the escapists were slightly delayed and in the meantime you can activate and download Pathway for free. This is a very interesting strategic adventure in the 1930s with a story reminiscent of Indiana Jones.

You activate and download the game here.

It is up to you, if u activate and download the title, or just activate and keep it in your library. You can see official description below.


  1. DYNAMIC ADVENTURES - Discover 5 different campaigns of varying difficulty, each attempt generating a new web of events...

  2. TOUGH CHOICES - Explored locations often present a brief, hand-crafted story event. Search the well? Save the villagers? It's up to you!

  3. DECISIVE CONFLICTS - Use cover and positioning in exciting turn-based squad combat. Learn to make the best use of your team's abilities and equipment in order to defeat the enemy!

  4. BUILD YOUR TEAM OF ADVENTURERS - Each of Pathway’s 16 unlockable characters has their own set of skills and quirks which can impact combat and story encounters.

  5. HIDDEN TREASURES - Trade-in your high-value loot in order to upgrade your team's arsenal with increasingly rare weapons and armor.

  6. RECOVER & REPLAY - Experiment with different team combinations until your foes have been vanquished!

  7. THRILLING VISUALS - Classic 16-bit pixel art enhanced with unprecedented depth, lighting and shadows using Pixel/Voxel Hybrid Technology.

They have a nice game Stranger Things 3 and an impressive title AER Memories of Old ready for next week, so keep in touch and come back later.