Best games for Android and iOS 2020

Best games for Android and iOS 2020

Redaction - June, 18th 2020

You can get the best out of your mobile experience with these best free games for mobile devices. It doesn't matter if u have Android or iPhone, all of them are available on both platforms. We handpicked one of the best mobile titles from all genres. Try them, download them, conquer them!

Forza Street

Lovers of simple racing games will find something to their liking in the new Forza Street title. It is available for mobile devices and is especially inviting for the beautiful graphics, large number of cars and simplicity. Players who like more demanding races will probably be disappointed. The control only consists of turning the steering wheel, accelerating or braking. At least he will enjoy using the interior, but nothing demanding should be expected from the game.

Forza Street is the latest game in the series, which since 2005 has entertained players with its arcade and titles aimed at better racing simulation. In this particular case, riders can play one-off races or storylines that take more time. There is tuning in the garage and the purchase of new vehicles. Get started and enjoy simplicity that you won't find anywhere else in such a beautiful graphic design.

Dream League Soccer 2020

One of the best mobile football experiences is Dream League Soccer 2020. It's not FIFA in terms of brand size, but mobile is definitely a familiar concept played by millions of players around the world.

They have more than 3,500 licensed footballers at their disposal, with whom they can form their own dream team and subdue all opponents across 8 divisions and leagues. The game is all in 3D with beautiful graphics, intuitive controls and commentary. There are basic elements, such as team adjustments or training settings for players.

Artificial intelligence has also been improved, making it better, more realistic and more faithful. You can also set the hairstyles and appearance of the players. Players can also focus on building a stadium, training centers or other buildings on the premises. Each game season offers a number of rewards for playing and participating in matches.

Legends of Runeterra

Do you like League of Legends? Do you enjoy card games? The ideal combination is hidden under the title Legends of Runeterra, which is available for mobile devices with Android and iOS.

There are always two players facing each other, who gradually draw cards with characters from LOL and try to beat the opponent. There are six fractions, each with different abilities and properties.

Download Legends of Runeterra for free here

It is possible to complete quests and challenges that make the game special on a daily basis. The game has beautiful graphics and a simple-looking look that we are used to with the League of Legends game.

Mobile Royale: Kingdom Defense

Join the ongoing medieval war in this MMORPG! The characters fight for the conquest and control of all kingdoms. Use your best strategy and tactics, tirelessly attack your rival and become a real fighter! Fight for glory!

Unlike other MMORPGs, Mobile Royale is a real-time global 3D game designed for fans of online strategy battles brought to you by IGG! Train soldiers and fighters for your units and march into battle! Use your best strategy and tactics to defeat your enemy and inform the community about your successes.

Grab your Mobile Royale for free here

In this online real-time multiplayer game, you'll find countless options: build your city, trade with various clans around the country, train various units to build your own army, join a guild, form alliances and engage in exciting wars! Enjoy the action of exciting 3D battles in a great fantastic medieval world! Fight in online battles with wyverns or dragons! And watch your city grow. Just build.

Call of Duty: Mobile

One of the most famous and largest FPS series - Call of Duty - can now boast a mobile version of the game with a simple name Call of Duty: Mobile. It takes content from previous titles Black Ops and Modern Warfare, from where it draws characters, maps and game modes.

From the characters, players can look forward to, for example, the pair John “Soap” MacTavish and Simon “Ghost” Riley, from the maps to Crash, Killhouse, Crossfire, Nuketown, Hijacked. Several modes allow full-fledged gaming enjoyment. We will mention Free-For-All, Team Deathmatch, Frontline, Hardpoint, Domination, Battle Royale, Search and Destroy, Sniper battle. There is, of course, Zombie mode on offer. 

Call of Duty: Mobile download for free

CoD: Mobile offers, as mentioned above, a battle royale mode for up to 100 players on a single map. However, it will only open after reaching the seventh level with the character. It can be adapted to the game style, visually modified and armed with various weapons. It is possible to play solo, in pairs or in teams of four. Call of Duty: Mobile is as beautiful as your mobile or tablet allows. HD graphics, 3D processing and a good dose of detail require better gaming machines. You also need more storage space, specifically just over 1.6 GB. You can look forward to adding new maps, realistic sound and all for FREE.

Disney Sorcerer's Arena

Have fun with the great new mobile game Disney Sorcerer's Arena. In it, you will meet fairy-tale characters from childhood and the present. Pirates of the Caribbean, Toy Story, Aladdin, The Little Mermaid, The Life of a Beetle, The Lion King, The Jungle Book, Anger, Mulan and other amazing fairy tales will delight you with their characters who will fight against each other.

The game is turn-based, so you set up the characters on the battlefield and start fighting. Each character has different abilities that you must use at the right time and on the right opponents. This is a very tactical game where you stand against other players from around the world online.

Disney Sorcerer's Arena free download for Android and iPhone

You can improve your fairy tale characters as you like. You add points and power to the attributes you like best and want to invest in them to strengthen them. Your team on the battlefield consists of five characters.

GWENT: The Witcher Card Game

Embark on the fantasy world of The Sorcerer in GWENT: The Witcher Card Game. It is a card game from a book and game environment, which is currently also available for Android devices. Until now, it was only possible to play the PC version or the iPhone.

The playing field is divided into several lines in which you store your cards. On them you have characters and heroes known from the book. They all have some abilities, tricks and can use spells. Duels decide on several won rounds, so you always have a chance to reverse the course of the battle.

Try GWENT and download it for free

In GWENT: The Witcher Card Game you will be captivated by beautiful effects, captivating graphics and excellent musical accompaniment. Online arenas will keep you in competitive fashion. You always have two types of units to choose from - near and far. Gameplay affects even the smallest details, so it pays to spend some time thinking about each move.

Project Offroad 2.0

Play the best Project Offroad 2.0 Simulator on mobile devices. You have more than 70 levels with realistic physics, which you can pass on dozens of off-road cars. In addition, you can improve them as needed. Tuning is a matter of course and there is also an intervention in the mechanics of individual vehicles.

Project Offroad 2.0 has beautiful graphics, where you can see every detail of the car and the map. In addition, developers are constantly adding new content, so the game never sleeps. You can go to races, test your skill in various competitions or you will complete quests and earn money for which you can buy better equipment.

You look at everything from a third-person perspective, so you see the whole car. The creators also thought of more action-packed characters, so you can also switch the view of the rider and enjoy the adrenaline of the cabin. You have 4x4 and 6x6 vehicles at your disposal.

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

The Castlevania game series has dozens of parts. Konami has built a permanent gaming base and is expanding its story to mobile devices. The original RPG game is thus transferred to mobile phones and tablets. The name Castlevania: Symphony of the Night contains everything that the players of these games like. Dark environment, castle with Dracula, hordes of enemies, pixel graphics and special attacks are what are the best in the game.

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night free download

Players must jump on their way through the castle and dozens of levels, overcome obstacles, avoid attacks and kill hundreds of enemies. As you progress through the game, you unlock new milestones and bonus materials or abilities. It is also possible to connect a controller to the game Castlevania: Symphony of the Night and play on your mobile more comfortably.


Fortnite has enjoyed increasing popularity on all platforms since the release, and it was only a matter of time before it moved to mobile devices. The developers from Epic Games are fulfilling their promises from previous months, so we finally have a full-fledged mobile port here. Fortnite thus becomes even more accessible and players will now get used to touch controls. In addition, it will be exactly the same design as on a PC or consoles.

The basis of the game is still the same, and therefore survival. Players can play solo as well as team games and must stay alive for as long as possible after the landing. We must not forget the ever-shrinking living environment, in which one has to stick at all costs. Furthermore, it is possible, classically, to create your own buildings and fortifications, destroy the environment and easily work with what is available.

Download Fortnite for your iPhone or Android for free here

The mobile version of Fortnite for iOS can be run on iPhone 6s and SE, 7, 8, X, iPad Air 2, iPad Mini 4, iPad Pro and iPad 2017 with operating system 11 and higher. Great news for gamers is the ability to connect with friends on PS4 consoles and play together cross-platform.

Big Farm: Mobile Harvest

Farming lovers can play the excellent game Big Farm: Mobile Harvest on their mobile phones. In it, they will try to build a prosperous farm, where they will grow crops, raise cattle and sell goods. Of course, work with heavy equipment, planting, animal husbandry, watering plants, harvesting, building fences, shelters, stables and dwellings.

Big Farm: Mobile Harvest download for free here

In the Google Play store, the game is described as follows: Escape to a paradise dream farm in your exclusive ownership and management in a cooperative farm simulation environment. Plant and harvest and trade in the village farm to make your dream farm flourish! Grow hay in a farm town all day, participate in farm fairs and expand your farm. Escape to rural life in the late Middle Ages, where you will be engulfed by a simulation of the farming business world.

Motorsport Manager Online

Fans of formulas will definitely enjoy one of the most realistic simulators in Motorsport Manager Online. You will play for brands such as Porsche, Mercedes and Audi on your mobile phone. Even if it is not directly about Formula 1, but about Formula E, you can still look forward to the best races you will get on your mobile from the point of view of the team manager.

Your task is to pull your stable from the bottom of the table to the top. You decide which racers to let into the team, what changes you will make to the vehicles and which races you will take part in. Everything is in beautiful 3D graphics and you can even zoom in on the smallest details. Multiplayer for 10 players online is just the icing on the cake for the most competitive of you.

FIFA Football

Play the latest edition of the FIFA mobile game called FIFA Football. In addition to the computer version of FIFA 2020, fans of the well-known FUT mode will come to their fans, where they can create the best line-ups from players from all over the world.

There are world leagues such as Premier League, La Liga, Ligue 1, Bundesliga, Serie A, MLS and more. Legends must also be taken into account - Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Pelé, Zidane and others are available on the lawn and in the locker room.

For the first time, mobile FIFA has the opportunity to play classic 11v11 football in real time. So it's no longer just about tactics and a supplement to the PC version, but it's a full-fledged game. Traditionally, you can start training young hopes, which you can turn into superstars.

Stickman Master: League Of Shadow

Do you enjoy fighting linear games? Then you are in the right place with the title Stickman Master: League Of Shadow. This is an adventurous and combat adventure, where you and the ninja warrior go on a bite to the world. Your mission is to kill hordes of enemies, enjoy fights and even challenge real players in PvP arenas.

You have several types of characters to choose from that you can play for. You can also improve your soldier and give him better armor, improve his stats or give him a sword, an ax, a bow, etc. You look at everything from the side and control the game mostly with your thumbs on the sides of the screen.

In addition, your ninja also has a pet in battle - an animal that helps him defeat enemies. When playing solo, you set the difficulty that suits you from simple to hardcore mode.

Taxi Sim 2020

Take to the streets of the big cities in the game Taxi Sim 2020. Your mission is to transport passengers from place to place. Cities are processed according to real metropolises, which can be recognized in the streets. You can choose cars according to your mood - classic yellow taxis, big off-road cars, sports cars and limousines - you will find it all in the game for lovers of traffic simulators.

The controls are realistic and fully customizable. The sounds of the engines, as well as the visuals of cities and cars, are also processed as faithfully as possible. Car drivers will be pleased with the possibility of tuning cars - both visually and in terms of performance. The traffic in the city is full of life and there are columns, bicycles, trucks, trucks, motorcycles, etc. You can play solo in Career mode, or turn on Multiplayer.

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

Each of the players is certainly familiar with one of the largest and most famous gaming studios in the world - Blizzard Entertainment. This gaming power is behind the development of legends such as Diablo, StarCraft or Warcraft. The latter is an incredibly large universe with many games, books and countless other things. And the aforementioned Hearthstone card game is her most recent addition to the game.

The game offers fun for two players competing over a virtual card table. Before the game itself, a suitable opponent is drawn and the players then throw themselves into battle. At the beginning, each is assigned a starting number of cards, with the possibility of exchanging some of them. From now on, everyone should start planning a strategy and choose the next steps accordingly.

The game itself is then based on the classic turn-based principle, where magic, power, weapons and defense and armor come on the scene. Everything is in the player's hands and it only depends on him how he can deal with the situation.

Walking Zombie 2

The world is in danger - a dangerous virus has destroyed everything alive and undead monsters are running around the planet. You have to face the zombies in Walking Zombie 2, where you play as one of the last living people. You will meet a few living souls on your way to a cleared Earth, but it will not always be pleasant.

Walking Zombie 2 offers great zombie relaxation in the style of shock waves, which you must repel with weapons at close and far. At the same time, however, it is necessary to complete quests, for which you will then receive rewards. The character can be adapted to your requirements and RPG elements are ubiquitous.

You can play Walking Zombie 2 on your computer and mobile device. You will know the differences only minimally, and if you like shooters with a rich supply of enemies, you are at the right address. In addition, it is a title from the Brno studio Alda Games.

Teamfight Tactics: League of Legends

Riot Games are definitely expanding their game base with another Teamfight Tactics title. After the initial League of Legends, other excellent titles have recently arrived, such as Legends of Runeterra or Valorant. But Teamfight Tactics is the closest to LOL and offers the same champions and lore of individual characters.

In terms of genre, Teamfight Tactics is a strategic turn-based game where players draft their heroes and engage in duels with other players. The unique composition of the team will ensure that no game will ever be the same. The game has beautiful graphics, plays smoothly and offers dynamic effects in 3D.

Teamfight Tactics: League of Legends Android and iPhone free download

Some players may be pleased to be able to play from both a computer and a mobile phone, as is the case with Dota Underlords. There are also rewards for playing, which can then be spent in the shop for new skins or heroes. Competitive matches are a matter of course.

Mario Kart Tour

In the new game Mario Kart Tour, you can get behind the wheel and race against players from all over the world. It is, of course, only new on mobile devices, where after a long wait, it has finally come to the fore and offers what you love from consoles and computers.

The Mario Kart Tour will take you into a world ruled by cars and your task will be to play as many races as possible. You can do this in locations around the world that change every two weeks. Unpredictable situations, fast fights, sharp turns and endless surprises await you on the track. In addition, not all tracks need to be won, but to fulfill other, more important tasks.

Mario Kart Tour has iconic characters for you to play, vehicles and badges that and can be unlocked and you will enjoy diversity. Frenzy mode is a state in which you have an unlimited amount of available materials and resources, so use it to get the best end of the track.

Overdrive City – Car Tycoon Game

Play the mobile tycoon game Overdrive City and build your own car city. You can choose from various world brands, such as Ford, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Subaru, BMW, Porsche and others. You will become a mechanic and a developer in one, because first you have to build a whole system of production halls, so that you can then improve, buy and sell cars.

You look at everything from above and there is also multiplayer, where you exchange cars and you can interact with other players. It also includes 60 game circuits and thousands of other locations.

Cars you get in the game:

• Ford Mustang GT (1968)
• Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VIII (2004)
• Chevrolet Corvette Stingray (1963)
• Nissan Skyline 72 (1972)
• Porsche 718 Cayman (2018)
• BMW M2 (2018)
• Subaru WRX STI (2018)

Which one is your favourite?