Anthem 2.0 in development

Anthem 2.0 in development

Redaction - June, 18th 2020

Let's face it. Anthem was not very good game. Yet. The ambitious but even more painful Bioware project did not become Bob Dylan's video games (codenamed Anthem was Dylan) and players forgot about it a few weeks after its release. There were several reasons, but the primary ones were probably the overall incompleteness and ill-conceit, as well as a huge number of technical problems.

However, Bioware did not give up and during this year announced the suspension of work on new content in favor of a complete redesign of the game. Well, at least that's what Studio boss Casey Hudson suggested. However, we now have official confirmation of this fact, directly from the head of development Anthem NEXT, or Anthem 2.0, or Anthem Remake, or as you call it.

From a blog post on the official Bioware website, we learned some interesting facts:

  1. The name of Anthem NEXT's head of development is Christian Dailey and he is the head of the Austin branch of the Bioware studio, which has so far focused mainly on the MMORPG game Star Wars: The Old Republic.
  2. It is clear, then, that Bioware's main development studio in Edmonton no longer has much to do with the project, and that their "mess" will be fixed by other developers. It can be assumed that Bioware Edmonton is currently developing a new Dragon Age and possibly another game.
  3. The studio has recently spent browsing social networks and various forums to provide as much feedback as possible about the game.
  4. Bioware Austin has already started the so-called Incubation process. This means that Anthem will return to the prototyping phase of game mechanics and game systems, with the basic task of preserving what Anthem players liked and completely digging through what they didn't like.
  5. About 30 developers are involved in the development of the prototype, and Dailey warns that it will be a long process. At the same time, however, he noted that this small team will allow them much more flexibility compared to a massive development studio.
  6. Dailey confirmed that they want to keep their communication open with fans and keep them informed of new changes and discoveries. It is supposed to be a two-way communication, where players will be introduced to the design process and help to make the final product an order of magnitude better than the original game.

So if you were hoping that Anthem NEXT might come with the release of new consoles, it certainly doesn't look like that, according to Christian Dailey.