World War Polygon

World War Polygon (mobile) (Android)

June, 6th 2023 - Freeware
Latest Version: Android
Author: Alda Games
Requirements: iOS | Android
Categories: Games

World War II in terms of animated images? The Czech studio Alda Games had a clear vision, with which it created one of the best games on mobile devices related to the military conflict of the 20th century. It is a first-person shooter where players take on the role of liberators on the old continent.

D-Day and landing in Normandy will be just the beginning. The Axis powers must be defeated by the warriors on both the main fronts - western and eastern. Battle of Stalingrad, a game for the USA and the USSR - all this is possible in the game. The traditional campaign is complemented by various tasks, such as shooting at planes, defending key positions or destroying tanks and bunkers.

In addition to singleplayer, there is also multiplayer, resp. PvP 4v4 Deathmatch. The controls are fully customizable, and in addition to duels, players can also look forward to great animations, story videos or action-packed conversations. Polygon graphics may not suit everyone, but they are very suitable for the game. The weapons are classic, historical and can be improved.

Of course, the rankings with the scores of the best and daily tasks for those players who have already gone through everything and still want new challenges.


Features and Highlights

  • Polygon graphics
  • A comprehensive campaign
  • Liberating Europe
  • Upgrading weapons
  • Day-D and the Battle of Stalingrad
  • PvP combat
  • Different game modes
  • Great cut scenes and humor
  • First person view