Teamfight Tactics

Teamfight Tactics (mobile) (Android)

January, 26th 2023 - Freeware
Latest Version: Android
Author: Riot Games, Inc
Requirements: iOS | Android
Categories: Games

The latest game from Riot Games is Teamfight Tactics. It is a multiplatform turn-based strategy game from the League of Legends universe, where players meet in arenas and fight against each other with their teams of soldiers.

Teamfight Tactics has graphics very similar to League of Legends. He also shares with this title the champions and the lore himself (stories, stories...). As it is PvP (Player versus Player), all players can choose their own team through the drafting of champions. Everything takes place in individual rounds, in which players take turns in their actions.

None of the fights will ever be the same due to the different layout of the characters on the playing field, the different layout of the teams and the different use of abilities. The game is in a beautiful 3D design and offers a unique mobile experience. It also supports multiplatform gaming (as in Dota Underlords), so it can also be played from a computer via a LoL client.

In addition to the old familiar characters, there are also new Little Legends. Of course, there is a competition mode, and therefore ranked games. Players receive rewards for playing, which they can then use in the store to buy new arenas, maps, skins, cosmetics, etc.

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Features and Highlights

  • PvP arena
  • League of Legends champions
  • Creating your own team
  • Tactical turn-based game
  • For mobile phones and PCs
  • Ranked games
  • Exceptional graphic processing
  • Smooth running of the game