Snake Rivals

Snake Rivals (mobile) (Android)

May, 26th 2023 - Freeware
Latest Version: Android
Author: Supersolid
Requirements: iOS | Android
Categories: Games

Everyone loved the classic snake on old Nokia phones. And if not, we've all played it at least once. Snake Rivals is a kind of enhancement that is all in 3D and offers a modern experience with hoses.

You move your snake with your finger on the screen and everything is in online multiplayer. The world is in 3D and up to 8 players from all over the world can meet on one map. Snakes on their way eat fruit fallen on the ground.

The more fruit you eat, the bigger the snake you will have at the end of the game. The task is not to run into obstacles or other snakes. Skins are an interesting diversification - each snake can have a different head. You can improve it, for example, with a dog's head, a rabbit's head, a bird's head, etc.


Features and Highlights

  • Snake control
  • Eating fruit
  • Online multiplayer
  • 3D processing
  • Snake skins