Minecraft Dungeons

Minecraft Dungeons (1.0)

May, 26th 2023 - Paid
Latest Version: 1.0
Author: Mojang
Requirements: Win 7 | Win 8 | Win 8.1 | Win 10
Homepage: www.minecraft.net
Categories: Games

The expected title Minecraft Dungeons from the Swedish developers from the Mojang studio has finally arrived. With the help of creators from the Double Eleven team, players on all platforms can enjoy the latest instance from the world of Minecraft. This time you look at the action from above and everything looks like titles similar to the Diablo, Sacred series, etc.

Minecraft Dungeons is an isometric RPG title with a great deal of inspiration in the dungeon crawler genre. At the beginning, you choose your character and embark on a campaign in which 9 levels, many types of enemies and strong bosses are waiting for you. You start with a melee weapon, a bow, and in addition you have the opportunity to gain three abilities that you can improve during the game and use as you wish.

Along the way, you get better equipment - weapons, armor, medical decoctions, etc. - and you can also summon animal helpers, improve defenses and reduce damage, or trigger a volley of fire arrows at enemies. It is necessary to add that the game is not very challenging and will please especially new players or those who love the checkered world of Minecraft. Hardcore players may have a problem with the game for its simplicity. Interestingly, the game runs on Unreal Engine 4.

In total, it takes about 4 to 5 hours to go through 9 levels, but it is possible to turn on the game again. It uses a partially procedurally generated world, so that when you go through it again, there will be other enemies, bosses, etc. in different places. Your task is to kill various monsters, monsters and enemies in general. Minecraft Dungeons can be played in cooperation with four players online and offline. Cross-platform play is also planned. The game was released in Standard Edition for $ 19.99 and Hero Edition for $ 29.99.

Minimum HW requirements for PC:

CPU: Core i5 2.8GHz or equivalent
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 or AMD Radeon HD 7870 or equivalent
HDD: 6 GB of free space
Others: Windows 7 64-Bit or Windows 10 64-Bit or Windows 8

Features and Highlights

  • RPG from the world of Minecraft
  • Checkered world
  • Procedurally generated world
  • Offline and online cooperation
  • 9 levels
  • Body improvement
  • Fun for the whole family
  • Killing enemies
  • Cross-platform gaming