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June, 8th 2023 - Mods & Accessories
Latest Version: Minecraft - Linux
Author: Mojang AB
Requirements: Win 7 | Win 8 | Win 8.1 | Win 10
Homepage: www.minecraft.net
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There is practically no need to introduce Minecraft. This is one of the most widespread games in the world, where you can do practically anything. The whole game world is created from cubes - so-called blocks. It's up to you what you do, what you do or what you want to achieve. You can build huge buildings, mine in deep and dark mines, grow plants and raise animals, or just go fishing. If you need real adrenaline, you can make a portal that will take you all the way to Minecraft Hell - Nether. In the middle of the lava, you can fight many horrible monsters and detach yourself from the peaceful life on the surface of the Overworld.

But whatever you do, you will definitely need various tools and aids. You have to make them from mined raw materials. You will learn how to produce, mine and a lot of other important things in many articles that we have created especially for this purpose. You can find the links a few lines below.

Often there is a problem that the game does not start and only throws an error message. It focuses on driver errors. So if you have an ATI or Nvidia graphics card, We recommend visiting one of the ATI or NVIDIA sites. There you will then find the latest version of the drivers according to the type of your graphics card and then download them.


Far Cry 3 Mod
At the end of November 2012, the third part of the crazy action game Far Cry will be released. Enthusiasts of this frantic gaming fun as well as players of the great Minecraft sandbox can rejoice - a special mode for MC has been released, which will introduce players to Far Cry 3, introduce them to the main characters in the form of mobs and allow them to search for exactly fifty hidden Easter eggs. The mode includes both a complete map and new textures.

Many players complain about limited inventory or non-downloadable items. The TooManyItems mode removes this limitation and adds a lot of extra functionality. These mainly concern objects, raw materials or their storage. The author of the fashion is Marglyph.

Elemental Arrows
Everyone will fall in love with Elemental Arrows. This is a tiny mode that was created primarily for fun. Thanks to it, players can create various types of arrows (incendiary, explosive, self-guiding), which can do interesting things. PocketIsland is responsible for this mode.

Car Mod
If you wanted to drive a regular car in Minecraft and you can't do enough with wheelchairs, then be sure to reach for Car Mode. Using common raw materials, you assemble the individual parts of the car, put coal in it and you can go on trips. The developer prepared the mode for the player with the nickname mermz.

You can download mobile version Minecraft Pocket Edition here!

Minimum HW requirements for PC:

CPU: 1500MHz (Single core Intel or AMD) and better
RAM: 1 GB+
GPU: GeForce 8400 nebo  Radeon HD 2400or more with minimum OpenGL 1.4
HDD: 1 GB of free space
Others: DX 9, Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, internet speed 256Kb / s

Features and Highlights

  • Alternation of day and night
  • Infinite 3D cubic world
  • Possibility to build practically anything
  • Singleplayer and multiplayer game
  • Highly addictive