Mafia (Demo)

May, 29th 2023 - Demo
Latest Version: Demo
Author: Illusion Softworks
Requirements: Win 7 | Win 8 | Win 8.1 | Win 10
Categories: Games

Great and mainly Czech studio Illusion Softworks released another hit in the form of a Mafia event. In the role of a taxi driver, you turn your life to the back of a moonlight and you get the opportunity in the Salieri family. A story full of action and unexpected twists, where every minute is a struggle for life. There are two dozen missions waiting for you.

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Everything takes place in a city called Lost Heaven. The city will delight you with its variety and especially size. You will find a racing circuit, weapons dealer or auto mechanic who will always advise you how to steal a new car. But the breathtaking is only the countryside. Tens of kilometers of road around forests, fields and mountains. You look at the unfinished bridge and the huge dam. There is a proper arsenal of weapons and a garage full of the fastest and most luxurious cars.

As soon as you finish the main campaign, go for the ride. It's a mode where you can move around the city. Buy weapons and earn money. There are several ways to do this. Take a taxi, speeding or shooting gangsters. But they are armed to their teeth, so be careful. And when you get tired of all this, there is an extreme ride waiting for you. It is full of strange to odd tasks. But you will always be rewarded with a super car for every task you complete. Perhaps it will be enough to start the game. But for a proper experience you have to play it.


Features and Highlights

  • A strong story
  • Great graphics
  • Many missions
  • Ride and extreme ride
  • Lots of weapons a few dozen cars
  • Tension from start to finish