Green Hell

Green Hell (Steam - 1.0)

March, 17th 2023 - Paid
Latest Version: Steam - 1.0
Author: Creepy Jar
Requirements: Win 7 | Win 8 | Win 8.1 | Win 10
Categories: Games

Lovers of survival games will come into their own in the new Green Hell. The creators of Creepy Jar planted it in the Amazon jungle - a huge complex of unexplored places where the real struggle for bare life begins. At first glance it might seem to be a multiplayer, but the opposite is true. Emphasis is placed on survival of the individual only by himself and enemies will be only the pitfalls of the forest, physical exhaustion and psychological burden on the lone players. But there is a cooperation mode, so you can play with your friends and get out of this green hell together.

In addition, the jungle is full of dangerous wild animals and tropical diseases that can kill even the best physically prepared individuals are not to be forgotten. The story is quite mysterious and you will find out everything using a walkie-talkie, at the end of which you will hear the voice of a loved one who will gradually reveal everything to you. In order not to be overwhelmed by the forest, you will have to make fire, build a home camp, and produce animal traps to survive. Of course there is hunting or collecting fruits around you.

Did you hurt yourself? You have to put the wound on. Did you have an unexpected illness? You only have a few days to heal, otherwise you quit. The exotic environment of South America brings a ton of new and unexplored game content with everything that belongs to the forest - mammals, endless quantities of insects, birds, reptiles, the richest flora in the world, and a dynamically changing environment depending on the weather. If players feel that they are starting to fade or feel unwell physically, it is necessary to diagnose the body and heal themselves. Beware of the physical condition and mental state. Game is available on gaming platform Steam.


Features and Highlights

  • Maximum realistic
  • Beautiful graphics
  • Detailed jungle processing
  • Hunting, harvesting crops
  • Diagnosis of diseases
  • Interesting story
  • Dynamically changing environment
  • Emphasis on human psychology
  • Tribal tribes as a bonus
  • Need to sleep and rest
  • Spiders, snakes, mammals, insects!