Gradient (mobile) (Android)

March, 18th 2023 - Freeware
Latest Version: Android
Author: Ticket To The Moon, Inc.
Requirements: iOS | Android
Categories: Graphics & Photographs

The trendy Gradient application will be the attention of users around the world for several months now. It's a fun tool that turns faces in photos into older or younger versions of users. At the same time, all participants can find out which celebrity they look like. A novelty is the comparison of photography with animals, which only adds to the attractiveness.

In addition to these features, Gradient also offers basic and more professional photo editing tools. These are mainly filters and working with textures, changing the colors of a photo (for example, hair styling) or improving the quality of a photo. He will also be pleased with the DNA test, which, according to facial analysis, will find out (of course not really, but on the basis of facial features) the origin and ancestors.

After downloading and running, the application can initially turn on for three days for free and then you have to pay. But it can be tolerated, because you will use the application for three days and then you can log out without any problems.


Features and Highlights

  • Image with animals
  • DNA test
  • Which celebrity do you look like?
  • Filters and working with textures
  • Portraits
  • Three days free