Big Farm: Mobile Harvest

Big Farm: Mobile Harvest (mobile) (Android)

June, 6th 2023 - Freeware
Latest Version: Android
Author: Goodgame Studios
Requirements: iOS | Android
Categories: Games

Farming is still fun on mobile phones in Big Farm: Mobile Harvest. You can build your own farm from the ground up and get the most out of it. As always in similar games, you will now go through the whole simulation from setting up a farm, through planting, watering, harvesting to selling goods on the markets.

Run from the city to the countryside and enjoy growing agricultural crops as well as raising cattle and other animals. You can bring chickens, cows, birds, sheep, pigs and many others, feed them and then slaughter and sell or consume them by hand.

Various tasks, events and mini-games will keep you on Wednesday and you will enjoy a different kind of fun every day. It will be hard work, but it will bear fruit. It will be better for you to work in communities where you will play with other farmers and help each other together. There are also various attractions in the game, such as music festivals or mysteries associated with UFOs.


Features and Highlights

  • Establishment of a farm
  • Growing crops
  • Cattle behavior
  • Minigames and tasks
  • Festivals and UFOs
  • Joint management
  • Fruits, vegetables, cereals