Baidu Browser

Baidu Browser (43.23.1008.106)

June, 7th 2023 - Freeware
Latest Version: 43.23.1008.106
Author: Baidu
Requirements: Win 7 | Win 8 | Win 8.1 | Win 10
Categories: Browsers & Plugins

The Baidu Browser will delight all users looking for speed, simplicity and advanced features. Originally called Spark Browser, it excels in its responsiveness to activity and support for several exciting features.

Built on Chromium, it provides compatibility and stability from the best developers. The biggest advantage is a built-in torrent client for downloading content from the Internet - videos, pictures, movies, music, documents, etc.

Other features include a video player that opens videos in a separate new window; Browser Doctor provides immediate repair and diagnosis of problems when browsing the Internet; To open the currently closed tabs, use one handy button; You can also take a screenshot right away and move directly to the editing program; Support Drag & Drop function.


Features and Highlights

  • Intuitive look
  • Built on Chromium
  • Downloading torrents
  • Drag & Drop function
  • Creating and editing screenshots
  • Built-in video player
  • Color themes