Avast Free Antivirus

Avast Free Antivirus (20.2.5130)

May, 22th 2023 - Freeware
Latest Version: 20.2.5130
Author: AVAST Software s.r.o.
Requirements: Win 7 | Win 8 | Win 8.1 | Win 10
Homepage: www.avast.com
Categories: Antivirus

As every year, this year also brings the latest edition of the successful Avast Free Antivirus. It builds on a well-known foundation and brings excellent security options to users in a free version. The paid version is more for large companies or, for example, for journalists dealing with serious topics.

The environment of the program is well known from previous versions and all functions are nicely separated. The basis is protection against viruses, malware, ransomware, spyware, rootkits and phishing attacks. In addition to scanning viruses and malware, the classic Smart Scan offers outdated software, add-ons, network, password strength and unprotected sensitive data. Behavioral analysis takes care of real-time system monitoring and can detect suspicious software, including ransomware. This is also related to the virus chest into which such items are enclosed.

Other Avast Free Antivirus services include CyberCapture (unknown file isolation and subsequent cloud analysis), Network Scanning scans your home network for vulnerabilities (weak passwords, router problems, DNS hijack), Avast Passwords protects passwords on your computer and allows Creating strong credentials, Browser cleaning removes unnecessary add-ons, history and cache. The game mode has been modified and renamed to Do Not Disturb, which blocks disruptive pop-ups.

Support is one of the services Avast has been maintaining at the highest level for several years. For computer problems, the program provides step-by-step tutorials to help users learn how to proceed. There is also a telephone line available 24/7.

Features and Highlights

  • Virus protection
  • Scan the entire system
  • Watching Wi-Fi network
  • Password Manager
  • Behavioral shield
  • Cleaning web browsers