Spotify (mobile) (Android)

March, 21th 2023 - Freeware
Latest Version: Android
Author: Spotify Ltd.
Requirements: iOS | Android

Spotify is a comfortable and high-quality intermediary for unlimited music listening. The application offers two modes - paid and unpaid. The free service offers unlimited access to music, which the user can only influence in terms of genre. Depending on the genre, album or artist he selects, Spotify shuffles this selection and lets the user go. It is not possible to determine the order and everything takes place in the familiar "shuffle" mode.

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The paid tariff then removes all these restrictions and offers the user completely free listening to music in high quality with the possibility of creating their own playlists. Another advantage of the paid mode is the absence of advertising.


Features and Highlights

  • High quality music
  • Two user modes
  • Shuffle
  • Paid version without ads
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