Skype (mobile) (Android)

June, 6th 2023 - Freeware
Latest Version: Android
Author: Skype
Requirements: iOS | Android
Categories: Messengers & Chat

For many, Skype has become synonymous with the communications program. Its users love it because of its ease of use and stable features. It then allows them to make free calls to all members of the Skype network, anywhere in the world. Just connect to the internet and have a headset, microphone and Skype account. In addition to traditional calls, users can connect using the built-in front cameras and make a video call. Not only the sound but also the image of the caller is transmitted. For group communication, conference calls or chat functions can be used.

Skype also offers the option of entering a credit, thanks to which it is possible to send SMS messages or call mobile and landline telephone lines anywhere in the world.

The great advantage of the program is its multiplatformity and interconnection. It doesn't matter if you are calling from the same operating system or device to the same one. You can connect conveniently and at any time.

You can download the PC version of the program here.

Features and Highlights

  • Simple control
  • Calls, video calls, chatting
  • File sharing
  • Great prevalence